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Emergency Management

The primary purpose of the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is to to protect life and property in the event of a disaster or crises situation, through a program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

The Pawtucket Emergency Management Director is David Deloge. The Pawtucket EMA works in conjunction with the Rhode Island Emergency Managment Agency (RIEMA). In the event of an emergency, Director David Deloge would coordinate with RIEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) local and state law enforcement, as well as fire and rescue.

The Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) and the Rhode Island Emergency Managment Agency (RIEMA) have joined together to develop a registry for Rhode Islanders with disabilities, chronic conditions, and other special healthcare needs. This system is designed to identify individuals who require special assistance during emergencies. Enrollment in the Registry does not guarantee assistance, but allows first responders to appropriately plan for, prepare for, and respond to the needs of the community. Click Here to enroll.

The Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) maintains the ability to respond to a public health emergency by receiving, distributing, and dispensing medical countermeasures and supplies. HEALTH coordinates with the 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island to be capable of opening points of dispensing in each city and town in order to provide medicines or vaccine to the entire public in a public health emergency. Click Here for more information.

City of Pawtucket Hurricane Evacuation map.

Terrorism Awareness and Prevention Information

EMA Contact Information

EMA Director: David Deloge
Emergency Operations Center
Phone: (401) 729-5846 Fax: (401) 722-2487
Non-Emergency: (401) 727-9100
Emergency: (401) 726-3911
Non-Emergency: (401) 725-1422
Emergency: (401) 725-1420
Public Works
Non-Emergency: (401) 728-0500
City Hall
Phone: (401) 728-0500
Fax: (401) 728-8932