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Community Policing Unit (CPU)


The Community Policing Unit (CPU) was formed to have a better understanding of the issues that are important to the city�s residents and be more responsive to the needs of the community. The CPU strives to increase the number and quality of relationships the department has with its community, including city residents, businesses and visitors. We want all people entering the city to feel safe, secure, and welcome while in Pawtucket. We also hope that anyone having any concerns feels comfortable enough to report the issue to the police and has faith that the matter will be resolved.

With the CPU, an emphasis is placed on a collaboration between the police and community in non-threatening and supportive interactions. These interactions include efforts by the police to actively listen, to understand identified issues, and to work together to resolve these issues. Focus is placed on problem identification, analysis, and utilization of systematic problem solving techniques, together with a strong community partnership, as a means to achieve more effective long term solutions.

CPU officers are involved in many different aspects of law enforcement. CPU officers attend and help organize various community meetings, events and activities, and the CPU oversees the Pawtucket Police Explorers Program. The CPU includes the school resource officers and an elderly affairs officer. CPU officers also supervise and manage the city�s school crossing guards.